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ASME Code Fabrication

Spirit's in house procedures prove our dedication to producing a quality product every time.

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Pipe Fabrication, Pressure Vessel, Structural Fabrication , and Packaged Fabrication



Procedures certified through ASME Sec. IX, B31.3, API 1104, DNV, ABS, and AWS D1.1



B31.3, API 1104, ASME, Div. 1, AWS, D1.1; DNV 2.71 & 2.73

Spirit Industries | ASME Code Fabricators


Blast and Paint

Spirit Industries | ASME Code Fabricators

Project Management Accountability


Our unique live quality program allows you to see your project's real-time progress with no need for project manager on site 24/7. There's less risk and more accountability, ensuring quality products built to specifications every time.

Spirit Built

  • Sump Tanks
  • Deck Extensions
  • Heliport Panels
  • General Packaging
  • Bare Vessels
  • Firetubes
  • Meter Runs
  • Regulator Stations
  • Load Spreaders
  • Compressor Bottles / Scrubbers
  • Sock Filters
  • Vent Scrubbers
  • Bulk Separators
  • Filter Separators
  • Water Treatment Units
  • Skimmers
  • VRU Units
  • Kingposts / Flare Booms
  • Riser  / Conductor Clamps
  • Flowlines
  • Boat Bumpers
  • Oil / Gas Diverter Skids
  • Fuel Gas Scrubbers
  • Line Pipe / Spool Pipe / ICP
  • Pig Launcher / Receivers
  • Structural Skids
  • Structural Components - Pipe
  • Supports, Handrails, Stairs, ect.
  • Production Manifolds
  • 3-Ph Separators HP / LP

Professionalism with Effort

Spirit's craftsmen have the standards and expectations that produce a quality outcome because of their efforts. Managers also have an awareness that customers and craftsmen have expectations that allow projects to be successful because of their efforts.

Spirit Industries | ASME Code Fabricators

Management with Policies

Spirit policies and procedures are what gives us the ability to move quickly and safely without sacrificing quality. Each day starts out with a safety topic and daily line up that addresses each employee’s daily task, including expectations, ITP hold points, safety considerations and a voice from the craftsman tasked with the assignment.


Technology with Expertise

Using our state-of-the-art ASME Codeware Design Software, our in-house design team can design and draft skids, piping, and vessels to customer specification.

Spirit Industries | ASME Code Fabricators

Ready to Get Started?

We are ready to provide your next solution with attention to detail, personalized service, and a "hands on" management approach.


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