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  • Sump Tanks
  • Deck Extensions
  • Heliport Panels
  • General Packaging
  • Bare Vessels
  • Firetubes
  • Meter Runs
  • Regulator Stations
  • Load Spreaders
  • Compressor Bottles/Scrubbers
  • Sock Filters
  • Vent Scrubbers
  • Bulk Separators
  • Filter Separators
  • Water Treatment Units
  • Skimmers
  • VRU Units
  • Kingposts / Flare Booms
  • Riser/ Conductor Clamps
  • Flowlines
  • Boat Bumpers
  • Oil / Gas Diverter Skids
  • Fuel Gas Scrubbers
  • Line Pipe / Spool Pipe / ICP
  • Pig Launcher / Recievers
  • Structural Skids
  • Structural Components - Pipe
  • Supports, Handrails, Stairs, ect.
  • Production Manifolds
  • 3-PH Separators HP / LP

Project Management Accountability

Our unique live quality program allows you to see your project's real-time progress with no need for project manager on site 24/7. There's less risk and more accountability, ensuring quality prodcuts built to specifications every time.

Professionalism with Effort

Spirit's craftsmen have the standards and expectations that produce a quality outcome because of their efforts. Managers also have an awareness that customers and craftsmen have expectations that allow projects to be successful because of their efforts.

Management with Policies

Spirit policies and procedures are what gives us the ability to move quickly and safely without sacrificing quality. Each day starts out with a safety topic and daily line up that addresses each employee’s daily task, including expectations, ITP hold points, safety considerations and a voice from the craftsman tasked with the assignment.

Technology with Expertise

Using our state-of-the-art ASME Codeware Design Software, our in-house design team can design and draft skids, piping, and vessels to customer specification.

Our Capabilities

Our capacity of production goes beyond ASME Code Fabrication. 

Estimating/Project Management Estimating/Project Management
Hydrostatic Testing Hydrostatic Testing
Drafting & Design Cad Drafting & Design Cad
Blasting/Painting Blasting/Painting
Welding Welding
Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting


We are here to provide your next solution with attention to detail, personalized service, and a "hands on" management approach.

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